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Comprehensive community solar services

We started as project developers, then built a platform and support team dedicated to effective customer onboarding, billing, and engagement. Count on BlueWave to get your community solar projects subscribed without the burden of building out new management systems.

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    Acquisition Support

    We partner with top community solar sales organizations to create a simple onboarding process for customers on your projects.

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    Detailed Reporting

    Our dedicated client services team performs regular, precise reporting of all customer subscriptions we manage on your behalf.

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    Let our experts in customer engagement do the outreach with timely, accurate messages that comply with consumer protection laws.

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    Credit Management

    Our team's strong relationships with local utilities enable a smooth transfer of bill credits and timely updates if a customer's demand changes.

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    Customer Support

    We're here for the long haul. Our team will be available to answer customers' questions before, during, and after they sign up.

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    BlueWave Switch

    We custom the Switch Platform to streamline acquisition, management, and reporting for your projects.

The mutual commitment of continued collaboration between Amp and BlueWave is something that we are very excited about as we work to bring more clean energy online across our global platform.

Dave Rogers - CEO, Amp

Solar Management Platform

We make it easy for customers to switch to solar and for you to track those customers. If you’re a utility or developer looking to enter this growing market, BlueWave’s Solar Management Platform is your solution.

As our partner, you gain access to our market-tested solar customer management software, allowing you to deliver a seamless experience to your customers and integrate our suite of services into your operations.

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  • Streamlined customer onboarding

  • Dashboard tracking throughout the application process

  • Real-time reporting on subscriptions

  • Speedy project allocation

  • Automated monthly billing services

  • Digital contract execution

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